Comparative study of the total content of flavonoids and anthracene derivatives in St.-John's wort extracts and related preparations

Владимир Александрович Куркин, О. Е. Правдивцева


A comparative study of original aqueous-alcohol preparations from St. John's wort (SJW) herbs (Hypericum perforatum L.) and imported phytopharmaceuticals containing the SJW dry extract (Deprim, Negrustin, and Gelarium Hypericum) was carried out: It is shown that the total content of flavonoids and anthracene derivatives in various medicinal forms is significantly different, while the ratios of thee components are is quite stable (about 30:1, respectively), except for of the SJW extract with 40 % aqueous ethyl alcohol solution. In the case of the SJW extracts, the greatest content of biologically active compounds, especially anthracene derivatives, was obtained in the samples prepared using 70 % ethyl alcohol as the extractant. The results confirm the possibility of creating domestic antidepressant medicinals based on SJW herbs with the properties analogous to those of imported preparations. It is expedient to perform the standardization of phytopharmaceuticals on the basis of SJW herbs with respect to in the total content of flavonoids (calculated for rutin) and anthracenderivatives (calculated for hypericin).

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